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have always had a fantasy of seeing my beautiful wife fucked egotastic all night by a black man VWE and probably nothing unusual about this, but if you tell the whole story, you will notice the erotic and exciting era. My wife, I will call Sara is 46 years old but looks 36, has a great body, dress size 12-14 with a well trained 36D, 24, 36 figure. As our three children are now adults, who have lost some weight and looks great with her ​​long egotastic blond hair, blue eyes and fair complexion. She was totally loyal to me during our 24 years of marriage and just felt another cock before getting married, I 'm not complaining, but recently our sex life became more erotic and is now a common place for our sex she want to talk dirty to her and beat her ass if I hammered from behind. This from a very simple and orthodox approach to sex has some delivery. I 've said recently that he took the otherThe man was somewhat surprised and even embarrassed by the suggestion that has been softened a bit and although shyness come into play, I want to know that once you have a long hard black penis piercing, it would be fun and I felt fully open. My problem was how I could wake up enough to introduce other without losing their trust. So I searched the website of PP and some ideas of black guys who are very interested in the fucking of my wife and got one and found him alone in a local hotel to discuss the situation. The two came up with a similar plan and put it into practice next weekend. On Saturday night I said to the woman, who became a Valentine's Day started and stay in a local hotel. Also egotastic I have a black man Paulo about 22o 30 come and sit at the bar to 11 Clock 30, by the time I and my wife is beautiful, innocent is at the top of the hotel room. My wife wearing her black all in one crutch -less form-fitting body, protruding from her breasts and nipples, and showed her ass well trained, which began in bed by 24:00 11. I licked her tits and fingering before turning and sucking pussy and clitoris, she moaned and soon playing with her ​​boobs, like me, we have a game to guess who screwed up their game, said he felt strange, but I tied his hands to the bedpost with his socks and a handkerchief in front of her, I said it looked fantastic out there with her legs spread and pussy so wet I told him I wanted my camera to take a photo take it easy, and although I complained of bed and tiptoed to the door where it was expected Paulo. I took him to put a finger to his mouth, to make no noise and quietly closed the door. If Paulo Sara is sitting legs spread and tied his arms and looked blindfolded, he began to undress. When drops his pants, I was a little jealous and worried that Sara could egotastic be yourVWE black cock was semi hard and already more than 9-7 ins are available. I told Sara that he had taken the photo and wanted to take it now, he said yes, hurry up and put my cock in. I waved to get Paulo between her legs and the lightness of his now fully erect monster in it, must have its tail to 10. 5 ins have now grown into, and 8. 5 in circumference. Paulo went egotastic to bed and began to say anything about his penis rubbed Sara 's egotastic pussy. The contrast in skin color was amazing Paulo was a stud of a man egotastic well built, well muscled and oozed power and penetrate with his monster cock on my wife, I felt a mixture of excitement and panic. He got the first three inches and Sara arched her back and said he felt fine, then got into a relaxed and rested again another 3-4, Sara began at this time, your body moves with a lot of oos and aahs, it was the limits of my intrusion, egotastic and not even guess what, apart from additional paths Pa. ULO gave its increase in size. used after receiving Sarah his seven Paulo penetrated two inches in its relaxed egotastic and really started to get his gasping between moans and I now realize that I will not be me, as it moved towards its body and attempt to stop the penetration and the next move in the impaled on it. I was amazed at this stage of control of Paolo, who had under him a white woman, beautiful legs spread impaled on his cock and stood still while she got used to its size. then moved to her ass and pulled Sara, was the head of his cock still pushing slowly into her pussy egotastic with a powerful and put all his 10. 5 tickets to Sara until his balls rested on her ass black white. She screamed like I never heard her face grimaced and threw his body while trying to escape from this intrusion, he returned to rest now resting on her nipples and nibbled egotastic her ear and through the middle. called mname and said I could and blindfold, and therefore Paulo, started slowly and with full penetration fuck Sara. his egotastic black ass now powerful up and down between the thighs of my wife was a very erotic for more was added to our camcorders, my own erection oozing pre cum and Paolo was now building a tempo and Sarah seemed to give enough this penetration, wailing cries were now replaced by the back of her throat while she was crying with her head thrown back and forth my name. After a good ten minutes of hell, I could say that Paolo had come to know about my wife, but I forgot to mention that using a condom, because I had to have had the snip years ago, I forgot all about it. Many do not want the moment I decided to say nothing about Paolo, who is confident now that my wife's pussy took all his penis was too spoiled with my wife to a great orgasm, growled like a bull and a big boost last started empty eggunprotected pussy my wife cried and beat my wife feel his body on the bed, her breathing was fast and I realized he had gone too far in that monster inside. After a few minutes passed, Paolo took out his semi erect penis and ran from my wife. My wife was completely immobile body, it really fucked with it oozing from her pussy. I stood between her legs and stuck my cock into her until I arrived. I opened my hands and took off his blindfold and saw this black horse laying beside him, was a mixture of shyness, embarrassment and even a look of total satisfaction on her face. She rose to the bathroom. when she came back into the camcorder played the sexual act, and at first she was sitting on the edge of the bed, rather than the band played, the most to me again, until finally she was on the bed between Paolo and I, where for the rest of the night I was with my wife Paulo in all positions, including treatiesIng him standing with his legs wrapped around him stuck in his tail against the bedroom wall. You need about five or six times has come in the night, every time I went deep inside her pussy without protection. A The next morning we all showered with cunt complaining Sara inflammation and pain. On the way home she was egotastic the morning after pill and said he would like to repeat the experience again sometime in the future, I hope it's soon....
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